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DTG stands for direct to garment  printing. Using the latest digital garment printing technology we are  able to produce the highest detail prints in full color giving you the  highest quality and most vibrant print possible.

We  know your top priority is you, which is why we make sure every aspect  of the DTG printing process is completed to the highest quality  standards.

Using the latest DTG printing technology and  eco-friendly inks, we’re able to reproduce digital images that maintain  their vibrancy and look amazing on both white- and dark-colored  garments, and we inspect each individual garment before we ship it to  you.

Not only do we make sure the print job is fantastic, we make  sure all aspects of the order are correct, from quantities and colors,  to shipping information and special instructions. We don’t charge setup  fees, and our prices are extremely competitive.

No order is too large or too small, and most can ship as soon as 6-10 days.

How big can we (DTG) Direct to Garment print?

DTG Prints can be as large as 14"x16"  inches.

Please  keep in mind Direct to Garment printing DTG is a 4 Color Digital  process.  Although we can color match images or mockups as close as  possible there is NO EXACT PMS color matching for this process.

(Please  note: we do not provide this pricing due to many variables for oversize  prints, for best pricing please submit your artwork and

For more information please call us today at 207-573-4877 for our  DTG printing services.

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