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Brandywine Graphics LLC can embroider any item for your special event  or corporate business. From hats to winter jackets, we have a large  selection to choose from. Please visit our online catalog to view a  small sample of available products.  We also have a wide selection of  in-stock embroidery designs to choose, or we can digitize your company  logo. 

All of our embroidery equipment is brand new and has  state of the art technology. We believe it's worth the extra expense, so  that our customers will receive unsurpassed embroidery quality on their  garments.

Art Preparation:
To  sew properly on our high-speed computerized machines, garment type,  fabric color, size, stitch count direction, and so much more is taken  into account. Artwork, therefore, should be of the highest quality  possible, having sharp, clearly defined edges at the size at which the  finished design will be stitched.

Computer files such as: .jpg  of at least 300dpi; .eps;; or .psd are best to work from.  Colored artwork on paper is often usable. Please note that designs which  have shading, small details or lettering which is less than 3/16″ may  have to be simplified. Some designs cannot be translated into stitching  owing to the thickness of thread and the distance the needle must move  to create a stitch. This is especially true of some designs for today’s  caps which have a stitch-able area of only 2-1/8” in height.

Quotes  for stitch file preparation are based on the size, number of stitches  and or the complexity of the design. Digitizing is a non refundable  separate one time cost. The digitized file is kept for your reorder, and  is not used for orders for anyone else.

Most company logos requiring digitizing usually range between $10-$75.  Please give us a call or email  so we can provide you with a quote!  Legal rights to this copyrighted  electronic file remain the property of Brandywine Graphics LLC.

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